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Spring Buckles, Military Buckles, Action Spring Buckles, Alligator Clips, before cam buckles, virtually everyone had some straps around with these buckles. They were extensively used by the military and are still big in Surplus Stores. Spring Buckles are used for light duty, non-critial applications, they are hard to beat. They are easy to cinch, but they can slip under pressure. At Strapworks, we carry the spring buckles four sizes 5/8", ¾", 1", and 1 ½". The Spring Buckles are nickel plated, and the 1" buckles also come in black.  When choosing your Spring Buckle size, it corresponds to the webbing width. So, if you choose a 1 inch spring buckle, you will want 1 inch webbing. Spring buckles can't be beat for economy, simplicity, and function.

We can also powder coat your Spring Buckles for a small additional charge. You can choose from 19 stock colors. There is no minimum on stock colors. You can also order from over 100 available colors. On custom colors there is a minimum of 150 pieces (you can combine different types of metal hardware to meet this requirement). Please keep in mind that powder coating can delay shipping your order, and that powder coating is only available with metal hardware.
For more information on powder coating and your Spring Buckles see the metal hardware colors page. When viewing the metal hardware colors page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to read important information on powder coating.

The picture above is a Spring Buckle Strap: 1 inch Patterned Polyester, color: Hot Rod Flames. This strap is also available in Flat Nylon, Lightweight, Heightweight Polypropylene